Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions we receive and the answers to them. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Support by phone, e-mail.

What Makes Sports Handicapping Service Different?
Our MIT-X Management Team has proven to maximize winning percentages against traditional wagering methods. The MIT-X Team doesn’t pick the everyday “straights” like all others. Every day MIT-X Team crunches the numbers and stats for all sports in the world. Each and every day the team sits and discusses their findings and chooses the best plays of the day. This is all our Team does is dig through the criteria, if more information is needed the private jet is used to collect information at the sport location. SHS strives to focus on integrity, honesty and customer service. Unlike others you get a membership to everything, not just a season, your membership is complete and you have access to all plays that should be played that day. With Members from all over the world everyone of them can reach out and contact the team at any given moment. 24/7 accessibility is offered as we are offering our handicapping services globally. Call us, we will answer. E-mail us, we will answer. We will be there to help you get setup.

How do I purchase a plan?

Our secure website and the order process is able to be completed in just minutes. If you want to talk to a person please call our Sales Team and they will walk you through the process. All Plans are available to be purchased on this website, go to their respective pages and purchase your desired plan. You will be given a secure and straight forward checkout process, depending on payment option you may be taken away from our website momentarily to that payment processor so you can complete the payment for your package.

What does my plan include?

  • Guaranteed Winning percentage
  • Full access to all Plays for the day
  • Full Access to all Sports Plays
  • 24/7 Support and access to the MIT-X Management Team
  • Complete Membership Information Click Here

How do I pay for my package?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, bank wires and money transfer payments, and PayPal as payment methods. Our Payment Processor will show you the available methods to purchase with based on your purchasing country. If you need an alternate payment method please call our Sales Team.

How many plays should I expect on a given day?
This is a very broad question and depends on season, sports, and information available. To give a range would be anywhere from 1-5 plays on any given day. Typically all plays are posted by 5PM (CT) M-F and 10AM (CT) S-S. This also means that if plays are needed earlier then they will be posted earlier.

How do I receive my plays?
Each day plays will be posted to website. If you have provided a valid E-mail is the most trusted method of communication between the MIT-X Management Team and our Members. In some cases, plays can be called into Members or SMS Texted to that member.

What sports does SHS offer information for?
All of our Membership Packages give you access to all plays on most sports being played in the world: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, SOCCER (FUTBOL), NASCAR, College Sports NCAAF, NCAAB and so much more. We have a worldwide presence and support all our global Members and their desired sports.

What time should I expect to receive my plays on a given day?
We work around the clock to extract the most knowledgeable information from our sources and systems to give to you. However, we constantly receive new information and updates that may sway the selection status up to minutes before game-time. Typically we don’t push the time to allow all members to have enough time to get these wagers in. Typically all plays are posted by 5PM (CT) M-F and 10AM (CT) S-S. This also means that if plays are needed earlier then they will be posted earlier.

Where are we based?
Sports Handicapping Service prides itself in being the world leader; we have 6 offices around the world, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, Dubai, Macau and Sydney. This means that you have access to us at any time. We've built strong network of geographic areas to have a better presence in all major cities securing the greatest competitive advantage over the competition.

Who is our perfect Member?
Sports Bettors and Sports Investors who take handicapping seriously, want to have finanial freedom. At Sports Handicapping Service, we consult all sports investors who are looking to make profits in the sports betting industry. Customers who think they will lose should call our Membership line and be rest assured that there are winning guarantee in place for a reason. We've got a strong reputation that most of our competition lack. We've invested so much time and revenue making SHS a leader in the Handicapping space. Offering free access is not how the system works, remember you get what you pay for. It wouldn't be benefiial to you as a member to have a free site. That's business 101. Remember "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

When Was Sports Handicapping Service, LLC Established?
In 2002, The MIT-X Team formed as group of mathematicians with a deep knowledge of statistics, sports and the bookmaking business. Founder Rod Dalbec formally set the lines in Vegas; now he makes his living beating those lines. The MIT-X Team delivers the most thorough sports handicapping information for our 58,000+ big-player members all over the world.